Gadsden ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ Nylon Embroidered Flag

Gadsden Nylon Embroidered Flag

The 3 x 5 Gadsden ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ Nylon Embroidered Flag is great for homes and businesses looking to make a bold statement of their beliefs. It features a coiled rattlesnake with the words “Don’t tread on me” against a yellow background. This historical American flag was designed by Christopher Gadsden during the Revolutionary War and served as a symbol of grassroots American resistance to government overreach.Resource:

Finished with strong polyester canvas headers and brass grommets, this outdoor Gadsden flag is made to last and fly in high winds. Using premium 200 denier SolarMax(r) nylon, the colors on this flag are protected from fading due to prolonged exposure to sunlight and harsh weather conditions. This premium nylon material also outperforms all other standard nylon flag materials.

Don’t Tread on Me: Exploring the Gadsden Nylon Embroidered Flag

Made in the USA, this embroidered Gadsden flag is perfect for your next outdoor display or to give as a gift to friends and family. It is especially thoughtful for Veterans, policemen and women, members of the military, or anyone proud to stand up for their values.

This embroidered ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ flag is sewn on both sides, so the words read correctly from either side. However, it does not have grommets to attach a pole, instead it uses a sleeve that slides over the top of a flagpole to be secured (this is called a Sleeve Hoist or a Pole Hem). This method allows for maximum longevity and enables this flag to withstand the elements.