Lanai Lighting For Your Pool

Patented LED Lighting System

Lanai Bright is the first patent-pending LED lighting system designed specifically for use in flat panel displays. This innovative solution provides a cost effective way to upgrade existing screens while reducing the amount of energy consumed during operation.

The unique design of Lanai Bright allows it to operate at extremely low voltages and requires no additional hardware to install. Its compact size makes it ideal for mounting inside the enclosure of most LCD panels.

Lanai Lighting for your pool or patio

Our lanai lighting or up / down lighting is a great way of adding some nice accent lighting to your pool cage or patio. These fixtures feature a high lumen output, making it easy to see what’s happening around the pool even during the day. They are perfect for use as accent lighting, and can easily replace existing overhead lighting.

Both our lanai lights or up/down fixtures are designed to work well with most pools, including saltwater and freshwater. The fixtures are designed to be low voltage, safe for swimming, and have a long life span. All of our lanai lights or ups/downs fixtures include a lifetime warranty.

The lenses are impact resistant and the fixtures have a bronze top and bottom, along with a 50,000 hours rated RGBW LED’s inside the fixture.

Enhance your pool or patio with Light!

Whether it is out lanai lights, our up down lights, our overhead beam light, or our string lights; we have everything you could ever want in a pool light. We carry many different styles and colors of lights including LED, halogen, incandescent, high output, waterproof, dimmable, and much more.

We offer free shipping on most items, same day shipping, and fast delivery. Our customer service team is here to help you find what you need quickly.






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